Cosmic Youth

Music: Denis The Night And The Panic Party
Directed by Eddie Plex
DP: Paolo Monina
VFX: Eddie Plex & Daniel Goggin

“In a kaleidoscope, 90's trash melts into soap opera, while everything is thrown into a galaxy full of colors, between strange concubines and characters, up to a climax in which an old image of Donald Trump stands out on an altar.” RollingStone IT

Prior to their SXSW performance, Denis The Night And The Panic Party asked me to direct a video for their upcoming single ‘Cosmic Youth’. I came back with a B-Movie, twisted, remake of ‘The Master and Margarita’ shot in a galaxy where 1971, 1986 and 2018 coexist at the same time: a violent lucid dream featuring a Boy-Georgesque satan figure trying to transform his quarry, an intellectual twink, into a pulsating creature ready for Hell's Prom, a private fantasy populated by new romantic concubines, impossibly cheesy green-screens, a roller-blading Furby, streams of Pepsi and a Miami-Vice Donald Trump photograph surrounded by dog food in outer space.